Let our database specialists at itm8 take care of your databases. 24/7 - all year round.

There is a good reason why we call ourselves the Powerhouse of Databases itm8's dedicated database team is available every day. Around the clock. All year. The team monitors, maintains and optimises your databases. We guarantee that you always have access to the best skills and solutions that match your specific needs for operational reliability and uptime.

itm8's database services are your guarantee of a strong and reliable database infrastructure.

At itm8, we combine our expertise and resources to deliver a service that goes above and beyond, ensuring that your databases are always in top shape. At itm8, we set new standards for database operation and administration - together with you.




itm8's itm8's database administration, operation and maintenance 

Experienced database specialists

Our team consists of experienced specialists who all share a passion for IT and a dedication to making a difference for each and every customer. With their in-depth expertise, honest dialogue and close relationships, they are ready to take your database operations to the next level.

Over 20 years of experience

itm8 has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and has helped organisations of all sizes. We understand exactly what is required to operate, maintain and improve operational stability of your most critical databases.

Focus on database technologies

No matter what database technology you use, itm8 has the expertise. Our experience spans a wide range of database technologies, including Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and many other Open Source databases.

200 satisfied customers

itm8 already has 200 customers who have chosen our solutions. For us, a collaboration starts with chemistry, trust and credibility – this is the basis for a strong and lasting partnership.

800 managed databases

itm8 currently manages around 800 databases, whether from our own hosting centre, on-site, or on a public cloud platform. We analyse your setup and IT environment to guide you to the solution that best meets your needs. And we do it together.  

Global office locations

With offices in Skovlunde, Aarhus, Stockholm and Prague, our service centre is ready to operate globally. Together we are stronger and can offer you a reliable and efficient service.

Let's take your database management to the next level - Partner with itm8 for a service you can trust!

The database - Your most important asset

A well-functioning database infrastructure is essential for any successful business. This is where the most critical and vulnerable data resides, and therefore daily operation, uptime and maintenance are of utmost importance.

Database expertise: What many organisations often lack is expertise in the most critical area of the majority of solutions – the database. You need database know-how for tasks such as:

And this is exactly what itm8 specialises in.



itm8 offers three different levels of operation and support services for databases: Basic, Business and Premium – where we take on different responsibilities depending on the level of support you choose.


At this level, we guarantee you access to skilled database administrators within a maximum of 8 working hours or the next working day.


We take responsibility for the operation and monitoring of your databases through remote daytime/basic database operations.


We take responsibility for the operation and monitoring of your databases through remote database operations 24/7/365.

Partner with itm8 and ensure that your organisation's most valuable asset - your data - is in the best hands!



Your benefits

Reduce IT operating costs
Optimise productivity and free your employees to focus on other tasks.

Solutions tailored to your needs
Choose from our three predefined concepts that suit your needs. Adjustments can be made as needed.

Access to database specialists 24/7
Support from highly qualified DBA experts located in the Nordics.

24/7 monitoring and preparedness
Maximise uptime with database monitoring and preparedness around the clock.

Leading technologies
Use of leading technologies, platforms and efficient IT infrastructure.

Peace of mind
Don't worry about your databases. Focus on your core business.


Shall we collaborate on a solution that fits your organisation's needs?

Although itm8 presents three levels of service, it is always possible to adjust and adapt the services to your needs. The decision to outsource monitoring and database administration should be simple. Our focus is to make a difference for your organisation. Let's discuss the possibilities for you and your organisation.

Contact itm8 to learn more about how you can benefit from our database services