Database Managed Services

Let us take care of all or part of your database operations. We are recognised for our knowledge of databases. 


Operation of your database environments

We offer direct support on Oracle, Microsoft SQL servers, PostgreSQL and MySQL/MariaDB databases.

itm8 can help you with both on-site and remote assistance. It's up to you and your business needs.

Our many years of experience with database technologies make us leading experts in Oracle, Microsoft and OpenSource databases - including MySQL and PostgreSQL. itm8 has more than 20 years of experience in managing customers' databases, and of course we also offer this service when the databases are hosted in the cloud.

Should we also manage your databases?


Database Managed Services

Health Check

We perform daily, weekly or monthly health checks on your databases and send you a report with recommendations that either we, or your own people, can implement.

Reporting and recommendations

Using our data collection tool, we collect historical data about your databases, allowing us to see performance developments and perform trend analyses that can assist us in anticipating problems before they occur.  

Support and maintenance

You can arrange with us to take care of the day-to-day maintenance of your databases. We are available by phone and email if you need support for your database environment.

24/7 Operations Centre

Let go of all your worries about your database environment. With itm8's 24/7 monitoring of your environments, you get peace of mind. We take responsibility for your databases and respond to alerts and take corrective action.

Licences and Subscriptions

itm8 specialises in multiple platforms and can convert complex relationships into a specific subscription need. And we ensure that you are always compliant with licence and subscription requirements.

What is Database Managed Services?

As a customer, you get an agreement from us with an agreed response time. This is perfect if you don't want to cover the entire database area with your own people, but need to have a DBA available at short notice.

We can also take on the physical operation of your database environments, where we have day-to-day responsibility for operating and monitoring, backing up and restoring databases. You can get automatic 24/7 database monitoring via the Zabbix monitoring tool.

As part of itm8's Database Managed Services, we perform Health Checks on your database environment at agreed intervals, e.g. daily, weekly or monthly.



Why you should consider external help for your Oracle database

Oracle is a highly reliable and powerful tool that can handle the database task in even very large and complex companies and organisations. But with the many options and the big muscles comes the risk that it can be difficult to get and maintain control of the system.

That's why many IT departments may find it a good idea to make an agreement with an external partner who can take care of the administration and maintenance of the database. Because like other powerful engines, the system needs maintenance to ensure stable and optimal operation.  


Reporting and recommendations

Regular reporting on your database environment can be crucial to detecting problems - before they become major issues.

itm8 can collect large amounts of data about your databases and store it. This gives us a good history that we can use to give you recommendations on changes and improvements that should be made to your databases. Using this historical data, we can perform trend analyses that can assist us in anticipating problems before they occur.

We continuously report on the condition of your different environments

With the collected data, we keep an eye on your databases and regularly report to you on the condition of your database environments. In the reports, you get a summary of log files on what has happened since the last report. We also show trend analyses to look ahead, so we can solve potential problems before they develop.

Get a quick overview of conclusions and recommendations

The reports are organised with a Management Summary at the top, where you can quickly get an overview of conclusions and recommendations. Then there are sections where the same is covered in detail. All reports are created with a strong focus on security, accessibility and performance.

The report can be customised to the needs of your environment

Reporting can be extensively customised to suit the exact needs of your environment. We're happy to collect data that makes sense for your specific environments - and customise your reports accordingly. Reporting can be done with a frequency ranging from daily to every six months/every year. However, the most commonly used are weekly, fortnightly and monthly checks.


We are ready to take care of your databases

Whether you have Oracle databases or open-source databases like PostgreSQL. Our team of specialists is ready to handle database operations and ensure a stable and secure database environment for you.