We live and breathe our 8 commitments

Our vision, mission and 8 commitments are our foundation. Like a North Star, they guide us in our daily work. Help us make decisions and define who we are.

We strive to make a positive difference and create a culture of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Your digital compass

itm8 is your ally in a digitized world, helping you navigate the complexities of an ever changing IT-landscape.

We are not afraid to explore the unknown and embrace new opportunities. In fact, we do it every day, so we can deliver the best possible solutions to all our partners.

We fully believe that collaboration and deep business-understanding is the key to success. That's why we're called itm8; because we're more than just an average supplier of IT.

We are your trusted partner. A mate. Someone who knows and understands your business. 

Through our own journey of growth, we have assembled a team of 1700+ IT professionals, each bringing passion, expertise, and certifications, making us your full service IT-partner.


Our 8 commitments


Before anything else,
help your teammates.


Hate status quo.
Love ambition.


Appreciate the customers;
they pay your salary.


Your are empowered to
eliminate all bullshit.


X-ray yourself to
elevate your game.


Don't wait for tomorrow,
innovate today.


Celebrate success
every single day.


Great minds
don't think alike.

Mission: We want to build today’s and tomorrow’s IT. Together.

Vision: We want to be our customers’ digital compass in a complex world.

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