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itm8's core values

Welcome to itm8. Our values and mission are our foundation. They guide us in our daily work, help us make decisions, and define who we are.


Read our principles that inspire us to give our best every single day, creating a culture where we all strive to make a positive difference.

Reach out, lean in, stand up, and break through.

itm8's core values focus on collaboration. We encourage all employees to open up, take initiative, be curious, and continue to listen to ensure action and innovation. We urge them to be courageous in the pursuit of solutions, both within itm8 and alongside our clients.

Reach out = Be open and initiative.

Lean in = Be curious and attentive.

Stand up = Be courageous and independent.

Break through = Be agile and innovative.


Our mission

All businesses face challenges in the world. They need to optimize their current IT solution while embracing the future of IT.

Therefore, itm8 has two missions, and we are only satisfied when we succeed in both our missions together with our clients.

Mission 1

Unlock the potential for development. 

Mission 2

Innovate the solutions of the future. 

The ultimate collaboration. 

Present impact
  • Discovering potential IT improvements.
  • Optimizing IT to harness the company's potential.

Future impact
  • Anticipating future IT needs.
  • Innovating solutions that align with future requirements.

And we do it together.

The unique itm8 approach:

  • Aligning the mission: itm8 aims to ensure that we are on the same page.
  • Analyzing potential and needs: itm8 aims to establish a strong foundation for optimization.
  • Designing the solution: itm8 aims to actualize potential to foster innovation.
  • Taking the lead in collaboration with you: itm8 aims to take care of every detail.

And we do it together.