Database Health Assessment

With itm8’s Database Health Assessment you don’t just get a report – you get a guide on how to make your database even stronger, safer and more efficient.

Database Health Assessment

Get a health check of your organisation's database

In a world where data is the new gold, the health of your databases is not just important – it is crucial. That’s why we have developed Database Health Assessment: an in-depth and comprehensive review that ensures that the heart of your organisation – the database – beats strong and healthy. Whether your business is based on Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, or MongoDB, our service offers a solution that fits your needs exactly.

Our experts dive into your database infrastructure to identify potential risks, performance issues, and security vulnerabilities. We look not only at the current condition, but also how your database can be optimised for future growth and efficiency.


Optimal use of what you have already paid for

Many invest in advanced systems but end up with poor performance. At itm8, we often see systems that are not configured correctly, which means that customers do not get full value for money. This is not only unfortunate, but also an unnecessary expense. Fortunately, individual adjustments can often create major improvements.




Give your old systems new life for a better ROI

Instead of replacing systems when performance falls, you should investigate the cause. This can be due to several factors such as data structure, undesirable changes or maintenance. With the right expertise, these systems can be revitalised and continue to perform optimally.


Check and performance analysis of your databases

With a Health Check Assessment from itm8 your databases are checked and their performance analysed. We can help you there where your installation is not the root of your organisation’s concerns.

Choose from 3 service levels:

We have made it easy and divided our services into 3 levels. First, choose the specific server and instance you want to analyse on, and then the level that suits your needs. Note that multiple instances trigger a discount. See the table below for full a overview and prices.

Level #01 

We'll get the lay of the land and make a general check of your server:

  • Instance configuration
  • Backup
  • Patch levels
  • Maintenance level
  • Review of critical issues error log
  • Reported by email and an opportunity for a short Teams meeting (30 min.)

Level #02

Here we go a step deeper than level 1 and the following is also performed:

  • Indexing
  • Performance analysis and
  • Security and Compliance check
    Hardware and Infrastructure
  • Server and disk configuration
  • Reported with a report and Teams meeting (60 min.)

Level #03

In addition to the previous two levels, you get technical sparring:

  • We dig into a specific issue, together with your technicians or developers, based on the findings of previous levels
  • Reported with a report and Teams meeting, as well as the possibility of sparring with technicians

Why itm8?

For more than 20 years itm8 has handled critical systems for some of Denmark’s largest organisations. We know how vital the infrastructure is for our customers’ success. Our expertise enables us to offer specialised services that ensure stable operation and performance. Whether you need an emergency expert or want full service, we can find the right solution for you.

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Get a health check for your company's databases. And optimize the database to support future growth and efficiency.

Learn more about how you can utilize our Database Health Assessment.