Consulting Services

Do you have outdated applications that need modernising? Or are you looking to develop new business-critical systems?

At itm8, we have IT consultants and specialists in application development, database operations, infrastructure and architecture. They are ready to assist your team or advise your organisation so that together we can create applications and database environments that add value to your business.



Do you need expert knowledge or resource reinforcement for your IT project?

Experienced IT consultants

Let us join your IT projects from design, development, implementation and the subsequent optimisation, performance tuning and upgrades.

Resource amplification

For us, it doesn't matter if it's all, or part, of the projects. We join the project where needed and ensure that you achieve a fast and efficient project realisation.

Structured process management

We manage and execute IT projects reliably with a structured process and methodology and find the form of collaboration that best suits your organisation.

The competition for skilled employees is fierce. Have you considered hiring external IT consultants?

The challenge is palpable. What are you doing to attract these employees, not least the experts who will keep your IT running smoothly? And is it really necessary or can you achieve your goals with the help of external IT consultants? 

itm8's IT specialists can step in exactly where you need them. Whether it's consulting, integration support, operations or development tasks - it's up to you. We're ready to lend a helping hand.

Internationally recognised for our competencies

For many years, itm8 has been internationally recognised for our extensive knowledge of database technologies, and we are some of the country's leading experts in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and OpenSource databases - such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. 

We have also built a team of integration specialists who have a broad overview and experience with service-oriented architecture and specialise in implementing integrations by using, among other things, Oracle's SOA suite.

We have Zabbix Premium Partner status and, based on the Certified Trainer certification, we are also able to provide teaching for the monitoring tool. 

This means you can always come to us when the need for more temporary resources arises.


Your benefits

  • Leading IT experts in development and operations - and everything in between.
  • Save time on recruitment - we quickly find the right match between you and a consultant.
  • Consultants are assigned to your project and they can quickly add value to your IT project.
  • Expert knowledge of Oracle, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL
  • We keep going until the job is done - even when it's tough.

itm8's IT consultants and specialists are also ready to add value to your IT project.



We are your opportunity to have a loyal business partner that brings together all the IT competences you may need. itm8 has many permanent IT specialists in areas such as database operations, system integration and application development.



Database Services

Have you ever been in a situation where your database was down or couldn't perform at all? 

Our database specialists have years of experience with even the most critical database environments and ensure the highest possible uptime and operational stability for our customers' database environments.

We are experts in DBA services - from database design, infrastructure setup and help with tuning and optimisation, backup and restore. 

No matter which database platform you use, we specialise in and have many years of experience in e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL/MariaDB.

We can provide remote or on-site assistance, maintain your databases and monitor your environments so you can have peace of mind. 

System Integration

Do you have a number of separate IT systems that each create value in the workday? Is there data you don't have easy access to? Is there manual handling of data between you, your customers and suppliers? Maybe you just need some technical sparring?

Our developers can help design and develop complex, high-quality system integrations. We streamline your daily work processes, increase flexibility and reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure.

After implementation, we offer support and maintenance to ensure that the integration works properly over time and can be adapted to changing needs.

We strive to create sustainable and long-term solutions that position your organisation for success in the digital age.

Application development

Having a fast and efficient setup to maintain and further develop the company's applications is essential, whether they are used internally or externally.

It is important that your company can keep up with your customers' needs and the trends in the market. However, this is not always straightforward, as new technologies are constantly emerging and there is a large application portfolio based on older technologies - also known as Legacy Systems.

Whether you need Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or OpenSource application development, itm8 has the specialists who can further develop your existing application or develop a new value-adding solution.

Do you have applications developed in old technologies? FutureForms is your saviour.

At itm8, we have developed FutureForms and made it Open Source. With FutureForms, you can easily and quickly develop even the most advanced business applications that make your business unique.

You get the high functionality of traditional 4th generation tools, but everything is Open Source. Development tasks that used to take ages to create for your browser can now be developed exceptionally fast thanks to a larger Javascript library. 

At itm8, we would love to help you find a solution that starts or continues your journey towards Open Source.




Do you want itm8's IT specialists to add value to your IT projects?


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