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Trusted Advisor - proactive and value-creating advisory

itm8's advisory service Trusted Advisor aims to keep you up-to-date on IT developments through targeted, proactive and value-creating IT advice - free for customers of itm8.

We follow IT developments closely on your behalf

It is a difficult task to keep yourself 100% up-to-date in the IT area, and we understand the importance of first and foremost focusing on your own business in everyday life.

That's why we follow developments for you and keep you updated on security threats, legislation, changes at manufacturers and much more through ongoing advisory emails from our advisory service Trusted Advisor.

Across itm8, we have over 1,700 skilled IT people who are experts in their respective fields and who are close to your IT solutions. They follow developments closely every single day and get first-hand knowledge from the manufacturers through our close partnerships. It is precisely that knowledge and experience that we continuously translate into advice and recommendations through Trusted Advisor.



About Trusted Advisor


Free advisory service for itm8 customers


Targeted, proactive and value-creating advisory emails


Knowledge and experience from +1,700 skilled IT people


Conveying firsthand knowledge from the manufacturers


Help to make decisions


Carry out the recommendations yourself or hire us to do it

Closer to you and your IT

Trusted Advisor goes a step further with extraordinary advice for the benefit of your business. The recommendations themselves are therefore not included in usual IT services, and it is of course entirely up to you whether you want to make use of our recommendations. In most cases, it is possible to carry out the recommendations yourself, but you can also always easily and quickly order us to help you with them.

Advisory topics

Our advisory and value-creating Trusted Advisor e-mails are targeted at your business and are based on your IT. It can, for example, be within:

  • Security vulnerabilities – emergency patches and workarounds
  • Critical Security Threats - Log4Shell, PrintNightmare and Hafnium
  • Streamlining – generative AI and smart functionality in software
  • Setup improvements - new setup options
  • Changes at manufacturers – software support, changes to policies, etc.
  • New legislation - NIS2, new accounting law and whistleblower scheme
  • Public subsidy pools for IT projects - SMV:Digital
  • General security threats– increased attack activity
  • Free material – guides, tools or the like




Simple and clear

We know you're busy, so we get straight to the point when we send you Trusted Advisor advice emails. The subject field starts with one of the following:

1.  Service information
Means a value-creating subject which is not critical to your business

2. Important information
Means an important topic that you should be aware of

3. Security information
Means a security topic that is important for your IT security

In special cases where security threats or manufacturer changes may have consequences for your business, we allow ourselves to send our advisory email with high priority. If it also says 'ACTION NEEDED' at the end of the subject field, it is extra important that you relate to the content.

How our advisory are structured

Our advice emails have a simple and uniform structure, so it is easy to understand from time to time:

  • Introduction – describes what is it about briefly and precisely
  • Challenge – describes challenges with the subject and if any, what consequences it may have
  • Recommendation – describes our and/or the manufacturer's recommendations for the subject
  • Do you need help - describes how to order our help for the task and a time estimate for the task
  • Do you want to know more - gives you links to where you can search for more information on the subject yourself

How to get Trusted Advisor


As a customer of itm8, Trusted Advisor is included. Typically, it is your primary contact person who is registered for our proactive and advisory e-mails from Trusted Advisor, but if you wish, it is possible to register several contact persons from your company. Simply write to your contact person in itm8 with whom you want to be registered.


Do you want to know more?

Then you are always welcome to reach out to your contact person in itm8 or contact us below.