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itm8 unites 13 companies in a major merger

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Customers know them as IT Relation, AddPro Denmark, JDM, Mentor-it, Cenvation, Miracle42, Copenhagen Software, Sotea, AddPro Sweden, Improsec, Me’ning, Progressive, and Emineo. On November 15, 2023, all 13 companies will now unite under one brand: One unified itm8, consisting of a total of 1762 specialists.  

itm8 has through 26 strategic acquisitions positioned itself as a full-service IT provider in the Nordic market. The companies already work closely together, but now the ambition is to bring together the many specialized areas of knowledge to strengthen the company's competitiveness in a rapidly changing technological landscape. 

An individual and business-oriented approach to customers has been a crucial focus area for itm8 from the start. Today's merger means itm8 can operate more as a 360-degree IT partner for customers who require it, while maintaining the existing close customer collaborations and niche services. Henrik Kastbjerg, CEO of itm8, states:

"We have been in dialogue with our customers about the future for quite some time. Customers have been very concerned about how to implement more services from our various specialist units, and we believe the best way to achieve that is by being one company. Our customers want all the great possibilities from a larger IT company with many skilled specialists, but at the same time, they want it delivered by people they know and work closely with. That's exactly what we succeed in now by bringing all employees together in a common organization. It's simply about getting closer in itm8 so we can get closer to our customers."

In the future, itm8 will operate from four specialized divisions:

  • Cloud & Infrastructur 

  • IT Security

  • Digital Transformation 

  • Application Services

Customer's digital compass

The IT landscape is constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult for companies to navigate the multitude of options and services. itm8 aims to solve this challenge for its customers.
"We can now leverage our entire range of IT services and specialists for our customers. In this way, we can be much more successful in acting as the necessary digital compass for our customers in an increasingly complex and turbulent technological world. With one move, all our customers, large and small, gain access to no less than 102 cybersecurity specialists, 163 software developers, 517 Microsoft Infrastructure and cloud specialists, 68 network specialists, 73 database specialists, and more. In total, we have 1,762 employees, all with an unwavering focus on creating IT with business impact for our customers," says Henrik Kastbjerg.

In a market that lacks labour

itm8 operates in a market where there is fierce competition for the best employees, and IT education in the Nordics has not kept pace with demand.
"With one united itm8, the ambition is also to create a workplace that is extra attractive for the most skilled IT specialists. We believe that opportunities for exciting tasks and professional development through collaboration in a strong community with both colleagues and customers will be crucial to recruiting the best IT employees for the best customers. It will be a decisive factor in the future," says Henrik Kastbjerg.


The strategy is a result of co-creation

At itm8, they work from a special co-creator culture that benefits both employees and customers.

"We are cultivating a co-creator culture at itm8. We believe that strong, innovative collaboration is crucial to creating value and progress. Our co-creator culture is not only one that we cultivate within the organization but also one that we try to include our customers in. Our strategy is a clear and distinct result of close dialogue with our customers, as well as broad involvement of the company's many leaders across countries and IT specialties. It is only when you invite inside and collectively orient yourself toward challenges and opportunities in a transparent collaboration that you can succeed in creating the foundation for future success," concludes Henrik Kastbjerg.


For further information, contact

  • Henrik Kastbjerg, CEO, +45 20 69 67 00 / hvk@itm8.com
  • Malene Østergaard Sørensen, Chief Transformation Officer +45 30 78 11 54 / maoes@itm8.com
  • Henrik Hyldgaard, Partner, Brand Strategist, +45 20 82 28 05 / hehyl@itm8.com


About itm8

itm8 is a Nordic digital transformation partner with private and public clients in Denmark and Sweden. The company has 1,762 employees and offers a wide range of services in IT operations and Cloud Services, Digital Transformation, Application Services, ERP, and Cyber Security. itm8 is owned by management and the investment fund Axcel in partnership with Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker. See more at www.itm8.com.

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