Duration: 1 day

What should your company focus on regarding the upcoming NIS2 directive?

The new EU legislation impacts you whether your company is subject to NIS2 regulation or if you provide services to companies within critical or essential infrastructure. You need to take action now.

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We provide you with a concrete overview of how NIS2 affects your company!

There is already a lot of information available online, but you just want to know: "How does NIS2 affect my company?". We provide you with the answer in our one-day workshop.

In the workshop, we provide you with the following knowledge:

  • A review of relevant sectors, differences between the classification of entities, and exempted companies.
  • An overview of applicability – directly or indirectly covered by the directive.
  • A review of sanctions and requirements that may apply – and how to document appropriate handling of the identified requirements.

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What is an NIS2 workshop?

We cover the following topics in an open discussion during the workshop:

  • Applicability for your company - based on both your sector and requirements for your supply chain.
  • The technical and organizational security requirements - and how to identify them within your company.
  • How security-related frameworks can be utilized in your company.
  • How you can document that appropriate measures have been implemented in your company.

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Who hosts the workshop and what is the cost?

The workshop is hosted by an experienced security advisor with practical knowledge on the NIS2 directive and how to identify and implement necessary security measures.

The price for one day is 9.995 DKK excluding VAT.

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