What is an itm8?

Well, we are exactly what it says on the label: The customers m8, who is an expert in IT.

The person they call when their computer or their systems are acting up and they need help. The advisor they lean on to lead them in the right direction because we know their business. The person calling them up and telling them about a new technology or possibility, that could help them do that thing, that they talked about last time on the phone. Because we listen. We pay attention. We are their m8.

We are also a Scandinavian IT company with more than 1700 IT experts, who can plan, execute, and operate complex IT infrastructure builds for international powerhouses – but first and foremost, we are an itm8.

Because that is who their employees need on the phone, in the meeting room, and answering their e-mail: A person who listens and understands their goals for tomorrow and what we need to do today to reach those goals, together. We are itm8.

Wanna be a teamm8?

Would you like to be a teamm8?

Our team is experiencing rapid growth, and we're always looking for m8s/colleagues across Denmark and parts of Europe. If you want to be a teamm8, take a look at the many opportunities you have below.


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Our 8 commitments

The 8 commitments are crafted to shape the desired behavior (culture) in pursuit of our mission: Building todays and tomorrow’s IT. Together. They represent our values - let them guide you as your compass.

Before anything else, help your teamm8s.


H8 status quo. Love ambition.


Appreci8 the costumers; they pay your salery.


You are empowered to elimi8 all bullshit.

X-ray yourself to elev8 your game.


Don't w8 for tomorrow, innov8 today.


Gr8 minds don't think alike.


Celebra8 success every single day.

A true itm8

We are more than 1700 employees, collectively creating a dynamic and inspiring workplace where we are all itm8s and dedicated team8s striving to make a difference. Our culture is characterized by a flat structure, openness, and an informal tone, where everyone has a voice, and where we value and celebrate our successes together. We invest in the development and well-being of our employees, offering a wealth of opportunities for professional and personal growth.

At itm8, we are driven by a passion for technology and an ambition to create innovative solutions that make a real difference for our customers and society as a whole. We are proud to be part of itm8, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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An inclusive workplace

Our vision is to become the most attractive workplace for ambitious IT professionals. We simply aim to be the best workplace for all itm8s.

We are masters of collaboration. Great things happen when we work together. When we collaborate, we are more innovative and happy, and projects can unfold more successfully. It is only when we connect our insights, thoughts, and abilities that new ideas and strong solutions emerge.

That's what it means to be an itm8.

Become an itm8

We want to collaborate with the most talented and innovative mates.

Diversity and inclusion are part of our culture. It's a core area for us, and we are convinced that differences in gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, and disability make us more innovative together.

We will use the correct IT

Even as technology evolves, there is one constant: It is the people who drive the development of future IT. We are more than 1700 individuals working together as true itm8s.


Become an teamm8