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Our framework for cyber security

We help organizations mature their cyber security through all stages of their maturity journey. To break down the complexity, our services are structured into the areas, which every organization, no matter size or sector, needs to assess to enhance their security posture and resilience.


* Our framework is inspired by the NIST Cyber Security Framework, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Identify your risks

It is crucial for your company's IT security, that you have identified the potential risks of being exposed to a hacker attack. This applies across the organisation, systems and software used. 


Protect yourself from hacker attacks

One of the most important tasks when it comes to securing your company's future in the event of a hacker attack is to ensure that critical systems can continue to function so your business can continue to run. 


Discover an IT security breach quickly

Time is crucial when you have been target for an incident. The longer the hackers are allowed to be inside your systems, the greater the consequences for your business. It is important to have the right monitoring of your systems, so that you can react quickly and thus ensure that the IT criminals have as bad conditions to work under as possible. 



Respond to an attack

It is central to develop and implement appropriate actions to respond to a cyber attack. This includes a plan for communicating about – and dealing with – an IT security breach.



Recovery after an IT security breach

After a cyber attack, it is crucial to get the business back running quickly. The hackers know that data is crucial, and therefore they have a strong focus on making life difficult by, for example, deleting data, but also by destroying any backup and restore systems.



Governance - managing your risks

In order to best manage your company's cyber risks, it is vital that you monitor the organisation's strategy, expectations and policy for managing IT security and the associated risks.

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