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A single click can necessitate a complete rebuilding of your IT infrastructure

The IT threat has never been greater. Do you even detect a visit from a cybercriminal? And what happens if you do? Do you have the tools and preparedness needed? Prevention against cyberattacks is crucial – and having a well-tested detection and response plan is important. It requires an up-to-date strategy for your business IT security.

It often takes no more than one wrong click - and suddenly a ransom has to be paid, or there will be costly downtime.

While it's not possible to completely eliminate accidental behavior, there's a lot we can help with. Both to stop a cyberattack and limit the damage if the worst happens.

Get secured before it's too late

itm8 has the tools to secure your business optimally! We have developed governance models with access to critical systems for monitoring, ensure comprehensive backups, analyze and test security configurations, and provide relevant employee training.


Put security on the strategic agenda.

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Solid experience in advising Danish businesses

Choosing the right security setup is about finding a level that matches your employees, risk profile, and IT infrastructure.

For over 15 years, itm8 has advised clients on IT security in the areas of: Strategy, analysis, testing, software, education, monitoring, and investigation.



5 steps to get started with IT security 

Icon---01 Identify your risks and integrate risk management into the decision-making process.
Icon---02 Gain an overview of your critical data and systems, and separate them from other systems.
Icon---03 Assess the security level of the company.
Icon---04 Assess whether both competencies and capacity are sufficient.
Icon---05 Set security requirements for your IT vendors.
Security can be compared to other risks or strategic decisions. Opportunity for prioritization, while IT risks can be linked to business goals.
Identification of systems supporting key business areas and optimizing resource allocation for the right initiatives.
Measuring the security level provides the opportunity to assess protection that aligns with the company's risk appetite.
Securing both current and, especially, security resources that are difficult to obtain due to high demand, which is not expected to decrease in the coming years.
Threat actors typically exploit the weakest links in the chain. In small and medium-sized enterprises, it is often suppliers who can be exploited to gain unauthorized access.

Get a tailor-made security solution that suits your business.

itm8 has defined various solutions for those of you looking for an IT security setup that fits your company and needs.

Baseline Security

Baseline Security is a set of basic security services for your business, based on international security recommendations.

Specialized Solution

Our tailored strategic IT security solutions are primarily designed for larger enterprises in need of a 360-degree security.

Get informed about IT Security with itm8

Our team of security experts is up-to-date on the latest developments and topics in IT security.

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Comply with regulatory requirements.

If you and your company fall under the NIS2 directive, there are specific cybersecurity requirements that you need to meet.

We advise companies daily on how to comply with regulatory requirements.

In doubt if you've been hacked? Use the hotline and get advice and answers. 

Are you unsure if you've been hacked? If hackers have your passwords or data? Or if they are still in your systems? The included security hotline gives you a direct line to one of Improsec's experts who can guide and advise you when in doubt. Therefore, you can always call +45 91 95 95 95 if you are under attack.

Emergency response with a built-in lifeline

This way, you not only get access to a strong emergency response with HackerDefense, but you also get guidance and advice from an expert on how to handle it when you suspect a security incident.
Enhance your security preparedness with HackerDefense and give your business the best conditions for overcoming a hacker attack.