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Duration: 1-2 days

Rent a hacker for a day
and find specific vulnerabilities in your infrastructure!

How quickly can a hacker get into your systems? One of our skilled hackers tests your systems to find holes and vulnerabilities. You will subsequently receive recommendations on how to strengthen your security.


Let our hacker test your cyber security before a malicious hacker does

Hackers are not interested in me, is common mindset in small to medium business and non-profits. However, the threat of cyber espionage against Denmark has been increased to VERY HIGH by the Center for Cyber Security in 2023.

Therefore, it is important to prepare your company for a hacker attack even if you don't feel like a target. 


What does a rented hacker do?

  • Our hacker examines your infrastructure’s resistance to hacker attacks. Modern hackers continue to break into companies using constantly new techniques.
  • Our hacker evaluates your security position and protection of vital assets when your external boundary has been breached. Our hacker assesses the security status from the hacker’s point of view.

Rent a hacker


How does the rented hacker do it?

Our hacker performs his “attack” based on a domain-connected computer that you provide. It is delivered with two users. A non-privileged user and a privileged user.

Based on our specialized knowledge of hacking and techniques for compromising systems and networks, we use post-exploitation techniques. Here, we exploit typical misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in Windows Enterprise environments.

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What do you get afterwards?

After our hacker has completed his “attack”, you will receive a list of where weaknesses have been found. You will also receive recommendations on how to strengthen your company’s security in the future.

Rent a hacker


What does it cost?

The price for one day is 9,995 DKK excluding VAT.

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