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Improsec is now a part of itm8

We are becoming one itm8 - your digital compass!

Improsec and itm8's 12 other companies are joining forces and becoming one itm8. Together, we will ensure the best possible services within digital transformation and security.

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, we aim to offer more specialized expertise that better addresses our customers' total IT needs. Therefore, Improsec is becoming itm8, allowing us to work together with the other companies in the itm8 group to realize a shared vision: to become our customers' digital compass.

Former Improsec is still found on these locations

Amagerfælledvej 106, 3. 
2300 Copenhagen S

Søndervangs Allé 20
8260 Viby J

Kolding Åpark 8A, 5. tv.
6000 Kolding

Are you under attack?

Tab ikke værdifuld tid eller data.

Få hjælp, når du har mest brug for det! Er du blevet kompromitteret?

Her er, hvad du skal gøre:

  1. Du må ikke røre ved noget. Det kan påvirke de videre undersøgelser.
  2. Ring straks til itm8s Incident Response team på +45 9195 9595

Support as a former Improsec costumer

You will still receive support from your familiar support representatives.

If you need to call a specific department directly:

Copenhagen: +455357 5337
Aarhus: +455357 5337
Kolding: +4553575337

Who was and are Improsec?

We are Improsec. Our company name is a portmanteau of what we do – we improve security. We want to make the world a SAFER and BETTER place. We do so through our three guiding principles:


We are 100% independant

We don’t sell hardware, software, or managed services. We give advice straight from the heart and brain to the true benefit of our clients. Nothing but.


We take active responsibility

We want to take responsibility, also when security gets tough. Testing and analysing is the starting point of improving security, and we have our offensive team who are experts on this. However, the tough part is to improve the actual security. We stand shoulder to shoulder and help our clients get the right things done, improve resilience, and increase their maturity in cyber security.


We have the best technical capabilities

We have a select number of services we are the best at, and we employ some of Europe’s leading Microsoft Infrastructure consultants. The things we say we can do, we can really do. We are specialists, not generalists.

One itm8 - new and better opportunities

As a unified itm8, we can now cover virtually all aspects of corporate IT. Shall we have a discussion about the opportunities for the future?